Choosing the Right Tail Extension

Our tail extensions are available in any color, length and fullness.  Custom Tails are available in 26 in-stock colors, and we can blend different colored tail hair to match any out of the ordinary colored tail.  The heavier and longer the tail extension, the higher the price.  The less common tail hair colors – white, silver, gray and flaxen are more expensive, due to the scarcity of the tail hair.  Our in-stock Custom Tails are available in fullness from ½ pound all the way up to 2 pounds.  Custom Tails are available in either a blunt end or tapered (natural) end.

When choosing a color, the general rule of thumb is to match your horse’s most predominant tail color.  Determine the length you need by measuring from your horse’s tail bone down to however long you want the tail to be – usually around the fetlock/pastern area.  Weight is a matter of personal preference – you can choose a tail extension to complement your horse in a very natural way, or go with a heavier tail extension for a “big tail” look, or to help with tail carriage.

Matching Color

We carry three types of standard tail extension attachments – braided horsehair loops, braided horsehair ties, and the tube end attachment.  We also carry Braider’s Choice hunter style tail extensions and weighted tail extensions.

Most halter horses will use a shorter ½ lb. or ¾ lb. tapered end tail extensions, to look more natural with the tail they have, and appropriate to their age.

Yearlings shown in lunge line will usually wear a fuller tail, either blunt or tapered on the bottom.

Mature show horses will wear a fuller tail extension, usually blunt on the bottom and weighted if necessary.