Braiding in a Tube End Tail Extension

The first time you use your tail extension, wash and dry it for maximum fullness. Your horse’s tail should also be clean and free of tangles. Reach deep into your horse’s tail hair at the end of the tail bone. Section off a portion of tail hair just slightly smaller than the diameter of the tail extension tube. Divide that hair into three sections for braiding. Begin braiding the three sections of hair. Be sure your braid is just slightly smaller than the diameter of the tail extension tube – a too thin braid will not make a thick enough knot, and may cause your tail extension to slide! Braid tightly and braid in a downwards direction, – once you slide on the tail extension, your tail extension should drop straight down off the end of the tail bone, not cocked off at an angle, which will happen if your braid is off to the side.

Braid down about 8-9 inches, and then band your braid tightly, using two banding rubber bands in a coordinating color. Run your hand down to the end of your braid, and fold the braid back on itself, just behind the rubber band. Holding the doubled back braid tightly just behind the rubber band, insert the braid through the top end of the tube in your tail extension, pushing the braid down through the tube, until it comes out the bottom end of the tube.

Grasp the unbraided hair just below the rubber band, and pull the loose hair through the tube, so only braided hair is inside the tube, and the unbraided hair falls loose below the bottom of the tube. Slide the tail extension up the braid, until the top of the tail extension is snug against the end of your horse’s tail bone. It is very important to keep the top of the tail extension tight against the tail bone – if the extension hangs down away from the tail bone, it can swing free on it’s own, and separate from your horse’s own tail, causing a pendulum effect with the tail extension.

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Separate the tail extension hair until you locate your braid. Tie a simple knot in the braid, and work the knot up the braid until the knot is snug against the bottom of the tube. Keep the knot as close to the bottom of the tube as you can, to keep the tail extension snug against the tail bone. Wrap two banding rubber bands around the knot to secure the knot against the bottom of the tube, and keep the knot from working loose.

At the 10 o’clock position at the back of the tail extension, separate a small section of hair from the top of the tail extension. Take the same amount of hair from your horse’s tail hair, split it in two, and braid the three sections together, tightly braiding down about two inches. Band off the braid. Make the same type of braid at the 2 o’clock position at the back of the tail extension. These “stabilizer braids” will offer extra stability, and keep the tail extension centered.

Brush through your horse’s tail to blend all the tail hairs.