Weighted Tail Extensions

Weighted tail extensions help flatten tail carriage, and can assist in quieting the movement of a busy tail.

Our weighted tails incorporate a weight system that is built into the tail extension.  The system features a threaded rod and three sets of weights that equal a total of 16 ounces.  The weights slide onto the rod and are held in place with a lock nut.  The weights are interchangeable – you can utilize 4 oz., 8 oz.,12 oz. or 16 oz. simply by unscrewing the nut, and adding or removing the weights to get the total amount of weight you want.  And with the Custom Tails weight system, everything is removable!  The weights slide off the threaded rod, and the threaded rod pulls out of the top of the tail extension.  This gives you the option of utilizing your tail extension with or without the weight system, all with minimal assembly! 

The streamlined look of your Custom Tails tail extension is not compromised in any way.  Since the weight system is built into the tail extension, the top of your tail extension is as slim as the non-weighted Custom Tails tail extensions. 

The weight system can be incorporated into any size tail extension – from a ½ pound tail extension all the way up to a 2-pound tail extension.

The Custom Tails weight system can be built into tail extensions with the braided horse hair loop attachment or the braided horse hair tie attachment.

Please note: when braiding in your Custom Tails weighted tail extension, it is very important to use at least two stabilizer braids in addition to your main braid.  This will allow the additional weight of the tail extension to be sufficiently supported, and won’t put added stress to your horse’s tail hair. For further information on how to braid in a weighted tail extension, please  refer to either Braiding in a Tail Extension with Horsehair Loops or Braiding in a Tail Extension with Braided Horsehair Ties.

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